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Fee Structure


1-1 consultation (adult 12yrs+)

£180 - First Appointment   (1.5-2 hours)

A thoroughly researched assessment and an individualised plan created

with supplement/testing recommendations.

Plus a 15 minute call to go through the plan and subsequent email correspondence. 

£80 - Subsequent Appointments   (45 minutes)

Further assessment to see progress and a new/revised individual plan given,

analysing of any tests, any new research. Tests are paid by client. 

£35- "Mini Adjustments" 

Email or text responses are included in appointment fees.

However for more in-depth phone call/mini tweak to plan (up to 15 minutes) I will charge £35.

I may advise a full follow up instead,  if I deem it necessary.



1-1 consultation (baby/child under 11s)

£100 - first appointment   (60 mins)

A thorough assessment and an individualised plan given with a 15 minute call to go through it

£70- subsequent appointment​  (up to 45 mins)

A revised individual plan, ordering/analysing of any tests

*fees are reviewed annually, last updated 2024





I provide functional testing if I feel it's necessary (this is at an extra cost to the client).

It can be especially helpful for people with more chronic or extensive issues.  

These include tests such as: stool testing, hormones (adrenal, sex hormones, thyroid),

vitamin/mineral status, mould exposure.  

I do receive a small percentage of commission

from stool and DUTCH testing (not Thriva blood tests), as it takes me time to analyse them.

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