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Women's Health- Hormonal & Emotional Balance

It feels awful to have your hormones out of balance. Women go through a lot physically and emotionally. More often than not, women (and many health professionals) brush over many symptoms as 'common' and therefore 'normal' and decide to live with them everyday, not realising that with help, they can massively optimise their wellbeing through lifestyle & dietary choices.

I support women and girls from teens through to pregnancy and postpartum and throughout perimenopause and beyond. 

Skin Health

I suffered with acne for over 10 years, I know how devastating it can be and how frustrating it can be to get rid of. It can suddenly occur mid-life too which can seem unfair and embarrassing. There are many causes of poor skin and my job is to determine what they are and to rebalance your body from the inside out. 

Low Energy & Digestive Issues 

100% of my clients have digestive issues. Nutritional Therapists and Naturopaths go on about the digestive system, but rightly so. It contains the majority of our immune system, it influences our mental health and it could possible be in control of our eating habits! 

Skin complaints are common as well, and are influenced massively by the digestive system. I have access to comprehensive stool tests if I deem it necessary, they can be a crucial tool to pinpoint imbalances in the gut. 

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