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How to support your vitality through the festivities

I love food and so I am not one to avoid indulging around the Christmas period. But for those who are prone to digestive upset, or for those just wanting to not feel like a stuffed turkey over the holidays, here are my tips:

  • avoid grazing - chose certain events/meals where you can eat what you want, but make sure this doesn't extend to a week-long period. Also, snacking puts more pressure on digestion, so try to stick to 3 meals per day, and enjoy them when you are eating...

  • keep moving - going for a brisk walk, getting outside in nature and keeping up with your current fitness regime during this time will be helpful. Our bodies are designed to move.

  • limit alcohol - similarly to my first point. Allot certain events where you can drink. Remember to drink water too. Then allowing days free from alcohol will give your liver a needed break.

  • superfoods - while you're having your indulgent foods, include vegetables. Especially a handful of rocket or watercress. It'll help reduce bloating.

  • fibre - remember to include lots of vegetables, fruits, complex carbs and nuts/seeds. Overindulgence can cause constipation in many. Flaxseeds are especially great. Soaking them can be very effective to prevent and treat constipation. A supplement called 'Lepicol' contains psyllium husks and probiotics, it is especially useful if you are prone to bouts of constipation. You must remember to drink lots of water, see below!

  • Water - water is essential for everything in the body. It helps all processes and can reduce headaches and constipation. You should be drinking 2L per day, of preferably filtered water. You may need more if you have been having alcohol, breastfeeding or exercising.

Helpful Supplements**:

  • digestive enzymes - I have these in my cupboard all the time, for when I am going out to eat or when I know I am going to over indulge! They contain natural enzymes, like your own, which help to breakdown food. I like 'Viridian Digestive Aid' and 'Nutri Advanced NutriGest'.

  • bitters - these have a similar effect to the enzymes. However, what bitters do, is help your body to release it's own enzymes. The easiest ones to get hold of are 'A. Vogel yarrow Complex'. You have a few drops in some water, before or during a meal. In fact, if you get heartburn in between meals, you can take it then too. Raw Organic apple cider vinegar can act similarly too, you'd need about 1/2 tbsp in a little water.

  • milk thistle - this herb is especially helpful for those who know they will be drinking more than usual over Christmas. You can take it daily over the whole period. I like 'A.Vogel Milk Thistle Complex'.

**Please always read the label and check with your GP if you are on any meds.

I hope you have a lovely Christmas, and I look forward to helping some of you achieve optimum health this coming year. Warm wishes, Rosie.

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